Womens Leadership ConferenceWelcome

Peckham & McKenney is proud to once again sponsor the 2015 Women’s Leadership Summit!!

"Communicating with Credibility: Establish, Maintain and Advance Your Career”

This year’s Summit will kick off the day with panel discussion and Q&A, followed by the always popular Executive Roundtable Discussions led by Bobbi Peckham. After our lunchtime awards ceremony, attendees will learn techniques for communicating with credibility and then develop a game plan for applying these practices in their own life.

More schedule and program information! Event flyer.

Latest News

Peckham & McKenney, Inc. is very proud to announce the recent placement of:

Noah Housh, Planning & Community Improvement Director - City of St. Helena, California
Dr. Robert Ryder, County Health Officer - Mariposa County, California
Linda Tatum, Planning Bureau Manager - City of Long Beach, California
Rachel Oys, General Manager - Cordillera Metropolitan District, Colorado
Brent McFall, County Manager - Eagle County, Colorado
Tony Stobbe, Director of Public Works - Mariposa County, California
Steve Johnson, Human Resources Director/Risk Manager - Mariposa County, California
Gus Vina, City Manager - City of Brentwood, California
Lisa Rosales, Police Chief - City of San Pablo, California
Barbara Hawkins, City Engineer - City of San Pablo, California
James Makshanoff, City Manager - City of San Clemente, California
Troy Brown, City Manager - City of Tracy, California
Ed Dadisho, Police Chief - City of Bell, California
Barbara Hawkins, City Engineer - City of San Pablo, California
Jim Nichols, County Manager - County of Douglas, Nevada
Philip Pogledich, County Counsel - County of Yolo, California
Jacci McKenna, Director of Human Resources - Eagle County, Colorado
Sara Judd, Recreation Director - City of Piedmont, California