Peckham & McKenney, Inc. provides executive search services to local government agencies throughout the Western United States and is headquartered in Roseville, California. The firm was established as a partnership in 2004 by Bobbi Peckham and Phil McKenney, who serve as the firm’s Recruiters and bring over 50 years’ combined experience in local government and executive search.

We believe that an executive search firm must be dedicated to providing professional service and a personal, hands-on approach, thereby guaranteeing the best “fit” in the candidates that we place with our client agencies. Our business philosophy centers upon the understanding that this is a “people” related industry and that attention to others’ needs is the key to effective customer service. Not only are we committed to providing our clients with well-qualified candidates, but we also take pride in treating both our clients and candidates with utmost respect. This commitment has lead to numerous repeat clients, multi-year retainer agreements, and an abundance of testimonials.

Having assisted hundreds of local government agencies, we are proud that over 87% of our placements since 2009 remain in those positions today. This is a testament to our motto that it truly is “all about fit.”

Latest News

Peckham & McKenney, Inc. is very proud to announce the recent placement of:

Cecilia Gallardo-Daly, Community Development Director - City of San Clemente, CA
Darrell Doan, Economic Development Director - City of Elk Grove, California
Beth Minor, City Clerk - City of Palo Alto, California
Dianne Thompson, City Manager - City of Arroyo Grande, California
Noah Housh, Planning & Community Improvement Director - City of St. Helena, California
Dr. Robert Ryder, County Health Officer - Mariposa County, California
Linda Tatum, Planning Bureau Manager - City of Long Beach, California
Rachel Oys, General Manager - Cordillera Metropolitan District, Colorado
Brent McFall, County Manager - Eagle County, Colorado
Tony Stobbe, Director of Public Works - Mariposa County, California
Steve Johnson, Human Resources Director/Risk Manager - Mariposa County, California
Gus Vina, City Manager - City of Brentwood, California
Lisa Rosales, Police Chief - City of San Pablo, California
Barbara Hawkins, City Engineer - City of San Pablo, California
James Makshanoff, City Manager - City of San Clemente, California
Troy Brown, City Manager - City of Tracy, California
Ed Dadisho, Police Chief - City of Bell, California